We truly value our sponsors and ambassadors, sharing our passion, vision & aims and also supporting us through raising funds. All fundraising and donations contribute towards us making support more accessible for our community and expanding our services.

A huge thank you to James Rimmer and his Mum Lisa for donating so many Home Eddie Teddy Bears & ‘The Lost Star’ books to our centre. James created these beautiful teddy bears to support children’s wellbeing and to provide them with a sense of safety and comfort during challenging times. It is great to welcome James as a Sunrise Ambassador, raising awareness of how reaching out for support & developing a belief in yourself can lead to managing your difficulties with a wonderful cheerleading squad around you.

Thank you to Emma at The Imperfect Wood Co for becoming our first sponsor. Emma’s story and the meaning of her work is truly inspirational & heartwarming – ‘even with imperfections we can create something beautiful’ Seeing the right quote just when you need it can be so powerful. Within our centre and our homes quotes bring strength, positivity and comfort. If you are looking for a gift for a loved one or yourself, please visit https://www.theimperfectwoodcompany.co.uk. Thank you Emma for donating a % of your sales to our community fund to support people of all ages.

We are very grateful to Wendy who frequently donates her wonderful Mood Stars to our centre. The wonderful stars support children from early years upwards with emotional literacy & emotional development. Within our therapeutic work they help children to put into words how they feel, to identify where in their body they experience certain emotions and to recognise positive and tricky feelings when navigating situations. My Mood Stars are fantastic and assist us in helping children to develop an emotional toolkit of strategies.


“The eight *My Mood Stars enable children to immerse themselves in imaginative play, either by themselves or with others. This offers a fun opportunity for children to talk about how they are feeling. The Stars, Timid, Sad, Angry, Happy, Sleepy, Surprised, Scared, and Silly can be used to set the scene for endless stories and games to be played with a downloadable activity sheet.”

*My Mood Stars are made of Velboa and Tricot fabric  both of which are biodegradable at the end of their lives.