Assessment and evaluation is important to monitor how the client/pupil is progressing and to measure impact. We use specialised assessment methods depending on the support that is being offered.

Some of the assessments we use are:

CORE Outcome Measures

This is a client self-report questionnaire designed to be administered before, during and after therapy. The client is asked to respond to questions about how they have been feeling over the last week, using a 5-point scale ranging from ‘not at all’ to ‘most or all of the time’. The responses are designed to be averaged by the practitioner to produce a mean score to indicate the level of current distress (from ‘healthy’ to ‘severe’).

The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)

SDQ is a brief emotional and behavioural screening questionnaire for children and young people. The tool can capture the perspective of children and young people, their parents and teachers.

Emotional Literacy Checklist

This assessment is designed to discover where pupils’ strengths and weaknesses are in the area of emotional literacy, in order to provide a better understanding of these competences and, where necessary, to highlight areas for intervention.

CORC (Child Outcomes Research Consortium) Goal Based Outcomes (GBOs) – as recommended by the Anna Freud Centre

GBOs are a way of evaluating progress towards a goal in clinical work with children, young people, and their families and carers. GBOs compare how far a child or young person feels they have moved towards reaching a goal that they have set for themselves at the beginning of an intervention.

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