We offer various training and workshops to organisations, early years staff, schools/colleges, healthcare professionals, parents/carers and young people. These fun, creative training sessions give people the chance to develop their understanding around certain topics, gain advice and support and feel empowered to implement new strategies and ideas to improve difficult situations within their own workplace or family home.

All sessions are face to face or through Zoom online platform.

Training Workshops

Mental Health in Early Years & the importance of developing Secure Relationships

Understanding Attachment Theory & how this can impact us in our lives

Worry & Anxiety in young people

Understanding Anger & Self-Regulation

Social Media, Body Image & Self-Esteem

Understanding & Managing Big, Difficult Feelings

Friendships, Confidence & Self-Compassion

Supporting challenges linked to Emotionally Based School Avoidance (previously labelled ‘School Refusal’) – meeting the need of the individual & supporting through a relational approach

Introduction to Mindfulness

Creating a positive, Safe environment for children to thrive

Connecting with your Teenager

Mental Health & Wellbeing through a Whole Setting Approach

Building Blocks to School Readiness through a Holistic Approach

Understanding & Supporting Neurodiversity

COVID-19 Reflection, Recovery & Adapting to Need

Understanding & Managing Anxiety (PART 1)

Grounding Strategies to manage Anxiety on a daily basis (PART 2)

Loss & Bereavement 

Supporting through the lens of being Trauma Informed & Trauma Responsive

“Much more thought provoking than any other training I’ve been on. The trainer was very passionate making you feel you want to go back to your setting and achieve more”

Our team at Sunrise Wellbeing Therapy Centre also regularly offer fun, therapeutic workshops for children, young people and families to support with emotional understanding, self-esteem, regulation and relaxation. You can visit our Eventbrite page here.

Workplace Training Workshops

Mental Health & Wellbeing in the workplace

The importance of good self-care

Gaining a work-life-family balance

Stress Management

Worry & Anxiety

Triggers & Self-Regulation

Emotional Understanding & Building Resilience

Self-esteem & Confidence

Reflexology Self-Support & Self-Care

Happiness & Positivity

Getting Better Sleep & Relaxation

Understanding & Supporting Risk

Loss & Bereavement

“Our trainer was excellent at delivering support and advice on such a sensitive topic. The support to our team has been fantastic”

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