We work with many parents and carers in a variety of ways but what is most important to us is that you feel heard and understood. We can then support you in creating strategies and an emotional toolkit that works best for you and your family.

Some of the ways in which we can support you are:

We are delighted to announce we will be teaming up with the amazing Revive – Support group for parents of children with additional needs, where we will be offering a series of parent/carer support sessions based around a variety of topics including understanding and managing anxiety, school-based avoidance & trauma, embracing neurodiversity, self-care & much more! If you are a parent/carer of a child with additional needs please do join the friendly group here to find out more https://m.facebook.com/groups/645991576963555?wtsid=rdr_0Ems9uM5vC2fmFuWr

Parent/Carer consultations – these can be arranged either face to face, online or via telephone. The aim of this session is for us to gain further information about yours/your child’s difficulties and see how best we can support you. We can then signpost you to useful services and resources or work with you on strategies you can implement into the family home. A check in session is then offered to touch base and to review how things are going for you and your family. Please note: Fees/Costings are discussed at assessment

1:1 counselling & psychotherapy sessions for adults are available within our low cost service – as parents sometimes we have to put our oxygen mask on first to enable us to be in a better place to support our children. These 50 minute sessions provide you with a safe, non-judgemental space just for you, to explore your thoughts and feelings, to process any difficulties and gain support. You matter too. 

Parent/Carer & Young People’s workshops – we offer various workshops online and in person where parents/carers and the child can attend together. These are fun, interactive workshops which cover a variety of topics, which ordinarily can be difficult themes to discuss. Normalising these emotions and gaining support within a safe setting can help us to understand and manage anxiety, build strategies in working together, support reconnection with your child and to understand how to separate our own emotions from our child’s (which can be difficult and overwhelming in the moment!)

Supportive Stories – each month we aim to bring you a new recording of an emotional literacy based story. Get comfy and settled and listen to the story with your child. This can support you in opening up a conversation about difficult situations and tricky emotions. Ideas for further activities you can do with your child to support them further are also shared.

Reflexology Support – our wonderful Reflexologist Nicola Fox provides family sessions, 1:1 support for children/young people and for parents/carers. Nicola has great experience of supporting with anxiety, sleep, managing emotions and any physical difficulties which are connected to the child or parents/carers emotional wellbeing. Please check out her page here: https://refoxology.co.uk/

Children & Young People’s Zen Workshops – throughout the year we offer seasonal Zen workshops providing children and young people with emotional support through creative sessions during school holidays – this is a time when their academic world is on pause but where their emotional world keeps on turning.



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