• Would you like support for your own emotional wellbeing through 1:1 counselling & psychotherapy, to help to understand your thoughts, process past or current difficulty or find strategies to increase your motivation and happiness?
  • Are you a parent/carer of a child who is going through a current difficult situation: low self-esteem, anxiety, frequent worry, recent parent separation, self-harm, bereavement or struggling to regulate emotions? 
  • Are you interested in holistic, alternative therapies for your overall wellbeing, for example Reflexology, Yoga or Mindfulness?
  • Is a learning difficulty or special educational need impacting on your child’s emotional wellbeing, academic ability or attending school?
  • Would you like to offer mental health and wellbeing training in your workplace/school?
  • Are you a school/college seeking therapeutic support for a child or young person with social, emotional or mental health needs? 
  • Do you require early intervention or interim support for a person who is awaiting specialist therapeutic care?
  • Would you like to offer a workshop to parents/carers/employees with a specific focus? 

IF YES… then SUNRISE Wellbeing Partnership C.I.C. is here for you

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