Terri Deegan

Occupational Therapist & Sensory Integration Practitioner


Terri qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2016 and then as a Sensory Integration Practitioner in 2021. The combination of the two qualifications has enabled her to develop the expertise to specialise in children and adolescent mental health, learning disabilities and Autism, including Sensory Processing difficulties. Terri also has experience working with adults with learning disabilities, Autism, and mental health conditions.

Terri began her OT career on an acute medicine rotational post, working with adults of all ages during their stay in hospital to ensure safe and efficient discharge from hospital.
Terri then specialised into the forensic field working in a Young Offenders prison, working with 18–24 year-olds as part of the offender personality disorder pathway, working to address childhood trauma and criminal activity as a way of getting perceived needs met.

In 2020, she made the move to a secure hospital to work with adults with learning disabilities on medium and low secure units. It was here that she completed her Sensory Integration training.

Terri’s final role within NHS public services was within a forensic CAMHS community team who provide specialist consultations, assessments and guidance to professionals working with complex caseloads of young people across the West Midlands.

Terri’s career path so far has enabled her to build the competence and confidence to provide specialist Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration assessments and intervention to people with a wide range of diagnoses, across the lifespan, to greatly improve their wellbeing and help them to achieve their goals.

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