Workshop for Young People 10+

In this one hour workshop, Marjolein, Occupational Therapist – Wellbeing Therapy Solutions will help each young person (age 10+) answer this question for themselves using games and creative activities.

The session aims to build confidence and self-esteem as each young person explores and identifies their unique strengths and qualities.

It might be fun for young people to sign up with a friend and come enjoy the session together.

Session dates and times: Weds 20th 1-2pm, Thurs 21st 10-11am

Booking via email:

Payments by bank transfer only.

If you need any further information regarding the session, please let me know.



Support for Families

Nicola is delivering 1.5-hour where together you and your child (*recommended 10-years plus) will learn a relaxing foot reflexology routine which you can use on each other at home.

The routine has been designed as a relaxation strategy to support anxiety and emotional wellbeing and is a great practical tool to support you and your child’s wellbeing. The routine is structured, easy to follow and uses the colours of the rainbow as a fun way to remember the order, movement, and related body part. This fab routine will leave you both feeling more relaxed and in a better frame of mind. When it is used regularly it is very beneficial for improving sleep patterns, preparing for new/challenging situations enhancing focus and understanding how your body reacts to emotions.

During the workshop you will learn:

☀How reflexology and the rainbow relaxation routine work

☀The aim and benefits of using the routine

☀How your emotions and reactions are linked to the parts of our body

☀Where the body parts are mapped on the feet

☀Colour, name, order of the 8 movements

☀Area of the body the movements support

For further information please watch this video of Nicola explain reflexology and the Functional Reflex Therapy Routine

This will be a small group session with the last date to book on Friday 22nd October 2021. 

*the routine is suitable for younger children, however, I have found that the length of the session is too long and they may not wish to get involved in trying the routine on the parent.  If this is the case, you are more than welcome to bring another person along with you for you to both practice before using at home with your child.

For further information/chat or to book a place please email

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